New compilation By Love the Chaos Label

Includes an exclusive track by Strand

with Signalform, AZ-Rotator, Metropol, Ch District, NIkka vs Morbia, Strand, Ab Ovo and 3tronik, eedl+Recoverflow

Leadership Midnight Mixtape by SOARSE SPOKEN

Botanica del Jibaro

it includes the beat the great architech by Strand with scratches from Tres
Check it here and here
our track is also included in the Compact & Disperse ep on pulpa featuring Soarse Spoken and Omniscient with remixes by funckarma and Shadow Huntaz

Download Folda 2004


1 song as Strand

Upload Folda

Plataforma-ltw 2003

1 song as judith strand

Zona de Obras nº36

1 song: Mein freund Victor

Foehn 006

1 song: Las dudas emocionales no son un problema, el racismo sí

Popnews vol.4

1 song: Ladan¬Ladeh


Aberraciones Telescópicas vol.2 Pueblo Records

Verónica- Elvis Costello Version with Pauline en la Playa

Pueblo Records

sonar 2003 cd

1 Song_soy petróleo, soy la muerte